Saturday, March 10, 2012

Counting the Days!

I have been without a working laptop for over two months now! In the meantime I have made a quilt for my puppy from some adorable Basic Grey fabric, I've visited the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, made a full size PATCHWORK quilt (without pulling my hair out), helped 16 preschoolers hand-dye fabric and sewn their fabrics into 16 amazingly beautiful pillows, sold and shipped two quilts, started a set of custom tattoo pillows, worked up a pattern for my next show quilt, started another Basic Grey patchwork quilt... AND taught five lovely ladies how to make my Mooncrane quilt! All this and no computer to blog with :((( sad sad sad... Well that my friends is about to change! My new MacBook Pro arrives in five days and counting!!! Whoo-hoo

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