Monday, January 31, 2011

My new Mantra...

" I am Mary Kenyon. I am a kick ass quilter!"

Moon Crane! My Entry in the Mid Atlantic Quilt Competition!

A Few Kick Ass Quilts from 2010!

Sewing Jam of the Day!!! This is dedicated to our new Robert Kaufman Imperial Fusions line!!

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

Today's Goals!!!

Finish Stitching Moon Swan!!! Oh and make nice nice with the 820! ; ) The Bernina 820 is an amazing machine. It sits front and center the quilt shop just begging to be run.... so I decided I'd give her a go on my newest quilt. I assumed I would sit down and just bang this baby out but that was not the case! At home I have two Berninas but the bulk of my sewing is done on my sturdy work horse the Janome 6600... it does nothing overly special but it has a built in dual feed foot and that bitch can sew fast and hard! The 820 on the other hand is a much more delicate machine, it requires patience and a gentle touch... two things that do not come naturally to me!!! So after a full day of working on the 820  we have formed what I would call a love, hate relationship!!! I love so many of the features, the size, the big bright light, the auto threader, bobbin winder (SWEET!),  needle drop foot pedal... but i haaaaaaate threading that damn bobbin!!! Upside down, backwards bobbin that requires the use of a mirror for threading, Jesus could they make it any more complicated! Anyways I have decided that me and the 820 are women from two different worlds but I determined to bridge the gap and make this relationship work. I have a "thing" for big machines and I enjoy a challenge so today I'm gonna give her another go! I'm kinda crushing on you 820!

My Happy Place!

Got into work early... There are few things I enjoy more than sitting in the quilt shop early in the morning. The lights are dim, the music is going and my coffee is hot! Just me and the fabric... this is my happy place!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

empty quilt shop

My emotions in fabric... a work in progress

Where to begin...

Where to begin? Begin is a big word for me these days... at 31 years old my life has turned out to be everything and nothing that I expected.  As many women do I spent the first half of my adult life devoted to supporting the dreams of others. Marriage, Home, Family, Friends, Business... in 2010 I walked away from it all. For the first time I chose to put myself first, to start all over and make a new beginning. The year 2010 to me is associated with one word... pain. But the word pain to me is associated with another very important word... growth. 

So here I am beginning a new period of growth. Attempting to channel my emotions and in turn heal my wounds through several mediums... language, love, laughter and FABRIC!