Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Stuff Smells Good!

4 Quilts in 2 Weeks!... Part 2

A week before I had to bang out the Hazelwild quilts I was preparing for a dear friends baby shower. Her theme was Safari Animals (CUTE!)... with sports (NOT SO CUTE!) I figured I'd make a simple quilt with a baby safari animal, minus the sports of course. I decided a giraffe would be fun and began looking for references. While searching I came across some beautiful photos of mother giraffes and their babies... I especially like this one =)

This photo really got me to thinking... My friend had suffered from infertility for many years. She had gone through so much heartache, stress and expense to finally be blessed with a baby of her own. I decided that a simple baby quilt would not be good enough. I wanted to make her something very special that really conveyed how important this moment in her life was... and as is typical I decided this a WEEK before the baby shower! 

I may not have been sewing much in the last 6 months but I was still buying fabric obsessively! It didn't take long for me to find just the right pieces in my massive stash! 

And my new place has a nice big area for me to work in =) ... plus a giant walk in closet, my own little slice of heaven! 

I had a lot of fun with this piece, especially all the little spots! However sewing around all those little bits was not nearly as much fun... 

In the end I was very pleased with the outcome even if I wish I had given myself more time. Doing something special for a friend really made me feel good. And while I don't feel I am healed from the events I have recently been through it does feel great to finally be buried up to my ankles in stabilizer once again! 

4 Quilts in 2 Weeks!

I wouldn't consider myself a procrastinator, it just seems that my best ideas always come at the very last minute. Cadence has recently begun therapeutic riding and so far its been an amazing experience!

Not only does the program help her with her physical disabilities, it had also helped with her communication skills, not only with people but with the animals too! We spend so much time with therapists and doctors and evaluations that its really nice to take part in something that is just plain FUN! I was so impressed with the program and the volunteers that I offered to make some quilts to sell for fundraising. Hazelwild has a great logo so we decided to start off with that...

I made three quick copies in various colors...

Though the teal and purple was by far my favorite!

The stitching went quick and easy (for once!) Which was a blessing because I only had a week to make them and I did not finish all 3 until the morning of the event!!! Here they are for sale at the Hazelwild Harvest Festival.

It was a beautiful day! We visited with the horses... This big guy is Liam!

And this is Lucy! What a beautiful creature!

Cadence rode the barrel train, picked pumpkins and REALLY enjoyed the haunted house!

I'm so happy we found Hazelwild Farm and its therapeutic riding program. The people are amazing and the horses are so inspiring... I will be making many, MANY more quilts for them in the future!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

On a roll!

It's been a busy day! Three new quilts for Hazelwild Therapeutic Riding.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moving Forward...

Attempting to shift my focus to better and more beautiful things...