Thursday, May 19, 2011

Greetings from Norway...

This is Norway!

...and Cesar! What a handsome dog!

Egersund has the most adorable little quilt shop! You can barely move but its wall to wall fabric. Here is a picture from my last visit in Jan... just imagine it without snow! 

A return visit to this little shop was of course number one on my to-do list. Norway is an amazing place to visit but its not cheap! Here is my $100 fabric score...

Yup thats it... just under 4 yards. But as we all know its not really about the price its the THRILL OF THE HUNT!!! I was a huntress on a mission and definitely made the most of my budget! 

Now this little town may not have a lot of fabric to choose from but one thing it does have is a TON of  SHEEP! This little guy greeted me on my morning walk!

And as we all know sheep means YARN! THIS my friends is the yarn shop! Wall to wall color! You could fit the whole quilt shop in this one corner!

This is my yarn score! Ohhhhh how I wish I could knit! 

Luckily my good friend Rose, an experienced knitter, is picking me up from the airport... I plan on bribing her with these goodies in return for a sweet little scarf! I have no shame!

Other than shopping I have spent a great deal of time eating, drinking and being MARY!

... And of course spending some serious R&R with my pet monkey... lol that's my man! <3<3<3

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