Sunday, May 29, 2011


What a week! I'm happy to say my bout with homesickness quickly passed and my Norwegian adventure ended on a very high note =) I narrowly miss the Icelandic Volcano and made it home just in time to nurse Cadence back to health for a week. Poor thing had 102-103.5 for 3 days! Roseola was the culprit!

So anyways I'm home, the dust has settled and its time to get back to work! For the last month or so I have been putting off a very special project. I was asked to make a 12x12 block for a friend and the deadline was set for June 1st. Subject matter was completely up to me. I had brainstormed a ton of ideas but hadn't managed to come up with any thing really special. Then yesterday morning as I was waking up it finally hit me. With a mere five days to go I decided to make not one but THREE blocks! So I climbed out of bed and got started. I managed to bang out three patterns in the hour I had before leaving for work. I choose flowers that each held an important symbolism in my friends life. So here they are.... drumroll please!




I of course was determined to use stash fabric for this project but when I came into Quilt and Sewing Center I couldn't resist the batiks! I mean just look at these colors! 

My boss Kiki helped me work out a few kinks with the colors and was kind enough to let me get some cutting and pasting done in my down time. So by quitting time I had all three blocks ready to go!

The thread choices were easy thanks to the 418 spools of Isacord to choose from at Q&S. My final choices were  2521 Fuschia, 5934 Moss Green, 5866 Herb Green, 0453 Army Drab, 2715 Pansy and 0970 Linen. I would chose a box full of jewel toned threads over a box of actual jewels ANYDAY! Well... unless of course I sold the jewels to buy more THREAD! That would be great too!

Woke up bright and early again this morning. It's amazing how well I sleep when I'm not freaking over a fever =) I packed Cadence up and sent her off for a week at Disney and Sea World with her Dad. After holding back a tearful goodbye I sat down to sew. Made it about halfway through the Dahlia before leaving for work today. 

Four days left and counting, so far so good! And I gotta tell you I am LOVING this Fuschia thread! It's on FIRE! Expect to see a lot more if it in future projects! 

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