Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

I turned 32 last Sunday. This marks my first single birthday in a very VERY long time. After a break up and a birthday I think I've had a little too much fun this past week lol. Time to slow this train down! The cutoff date for the Hoffman Challenge is July 15th. That gives me 19 days to get my shit together and get to work! 

Saturday was my day at the Quilt & Sewing Center... my favorite place on earth! I had a lot of fun with the girls and got A LOT of work done too =) Here's the final pattern... ready to cut.

Fusions makes fantastic skin tone so I decided to give myself a tan!

And of course my FAVORITE new fabric for hair! I think it's Micheal Miller? I promise I'll read the selvage one of these days and let you know for real.

You can't tell me that doesn't kick ass! I love the way this picture came out... kinda creepy. I spent a long time staring at myself on Saturday... pondering the nature of my personality LOL. And as always I ended up buying a few more fabrics at the last minute. This here is the official final cut! 

 A few new greens, some rich brown and a nice deep skin tone and a Marcus Bros. blue <3<3<3

I'm L-O-V-I-N-G this!

... On a side note I have graduated from M. Ward's " Post War" to Joss Stone's "Colour Me Free"

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  1. Intriguing work. It's interesting to see quilts worked so differently but well.