Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mr. Delicious

No matter how many jobs I work I just can't seem to make enough money to pay the bills, eat AND buy fabric! The solution is simple... stop eating! LOL But seriously I have been working my ass of ever since I had to cut back my hours at the quilt shop and while I love my new job it has really cut into my sewing time and its making me cranky! I've got all these projects floating around in my head but only 24 hours in the day and one set of hands!!! So if anyone out there would like to hire me to work from home with fabric AND give me a raise you just let me know ; )

Anyways one lonely night back in April I drew up this handsome fellow...

Margie calls him Edward... I call him DELICIOUS!
 Mr. Delicious has been hanging on my wall for over 3 month now giving me that sexy stare. I've been enjoying him so much I haven't had the heart to cut him up. I also had no color scheme in the works so there really was no point. UNTIL the other night while laying around with another real life "Mr. Delicious" (yeah yeah yeah its not all work that has been distracting me lol) I spotted this lovely pile of fabric nestled up against a painting done by my Aunt Linda.

Deep greens, purple and plum! PERFECTION!!! My Mr. Delicious finally has a color scheme! Don't you just love it when things work out like that! 

Needless to say the real life Mr. Delicious didn't know what to think when I sprung out of bed to take this photo LMAO. He will learn soon enough!

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