Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Peace and Quiet

There are very few things on this earth that I enjoy more than making the first cut into a brand new pattern. And of course nothing can match that crisp clean slice of a fresh rotary blade. I get goose bumps just thinking about it! No, I'm not kidding... I'm just really that weird!   

I also love it when my apartment/sewing studio is not only clean but EMPTY! And I really enjoy it when my chores are all done and I have no where to be... because it happens so rarely. And lucky me on Monday I actually was able to enjoy ALL of these things! What a wonderfully lazy afternoon.

 Here's a nice little shot of my place. See there on the left is my living room, bedroom, office and study. And that there on the right why thats my handy dandy collapsable sewing studio! 

SIDE NOTE: Hanging the Happy New Year Banner is the only way to keep Cadence from having a complete emotional breakdown while watching me take down the Christmas decorations. She has to be reminded that it's ok Christmas is over because there are actually OTHER holidays!!! 
That girl loves her some Santa! 

So anyways here is a little teaser of what I have coming up for my Hampton 2012 entry. If you haven't noticed already I have a bit of a thing for quilts featuring women wearing confused expressions LOL.

She got a nice little set of toes...

Some serious locks...

 And the booty... don't forget about that booty! 

She still needs some fine tuning and I'm on the fence about the background. But all in all this ones coming along with ease.

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