Monday, December 26, 2011


Happy Day After Christmas Everybody!!! I hope today finds everyone fat and happy and significantly less stressed!

I was so incredibly sick last week that I am just happy to be able to get out of bed today. I'm hoping those last few Christmas gifts I sewed up on friday and saturday are not tainted with whatever awful illness I contracted. LOL. While it was nice to actually be home before the holiday for once I was also confronted with a very unpleasent surprise. The corporation that I work my ass off for not only did not give any kind of gift or bonus to it's employees but they informed me on friday I would NOT be receiving any holiday pay! WHY??? Because I was SICK! Can you believe that?!? I was so angry it made me hot in the face and I will tell you now the whole experience really lit a fire under me! I'm tired of working for someone else. I'm tired of not being able to create and inspire the way I want to. The way I was meant to!

So I have decided this new year is THE YEAR! The year to get this little business of mine in order. The year to finally put my piles of patterns into a professional portfolio. The year to finally take that portfolio to a publisher! I have the body of work, the skills and the right connections to get this done. To start a serious business plan and to start living my life the way God intended... as a full time quilter, designer and instructor. It's will take some time, I know, but aside from skill I also have a lot of patience and persistence. And as Ledra would say "THANK GOD you were born a woman! Becuase that means you can do ANYTHING!" ... and with that said I'm off to start my entry for the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival!

And who knows... maybe in 20 years I will own my own successfull corporation. A corporation where everyone gets a bonus, everyone gets a gift and noone gets shafted out of their holiday pay!


  1. I'm picturing you as the CEO of your own company. Happy New Year! --Scarlett

  2. I work in professional office. We were also informed no holiday pay, no more sick pay, no vacation pay. Way of the world anymore. I wish you lots of luck!