Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Allison Kraus kinda day

Allison Kraus is my Pandora station for this rainy morning. I woke up feeling like I just stepped into a whole new chapter of my life. I've been producing and selling quilts for quite a few years now. But never as a full time profession. Just mommy's money... Now after the breakup of my marriage and the dwindling funds in my savings account I feel great urgency that its time to step into the real world. Its time to make a name for myself and provide the best life I can for my daughter. This is what I want! I want to be a professional quilter and nothing else! I want to be surrounded by fabrics and threads and shiny sharp scissors, that i will inevitably impale myself on! I want new people, new places and independence! I've been thinking about it, dreaming about it, manifesting it for a long time... but nothing is possible without real action. So I have finally stopped dragging my feet, I have entered and been accepted to a national competition. And now Im just sitting here in my happy place thinking... "Holy shit! It's happening!" ... Wish me Luck!

1 comment:

  1. Your work is beautiful, and you will do well. Look foward to seeing you with those blue ribbons.