Saturday, February 19, 2011

Space Poop!

This is Cadence... My amazing, hilarious, smart, wonderful, beautiful daughter... She is my best friend and the best thing I have ever done. Like many six year olds she loves space and has known all the planets for a while now. So when we got this sweet line of Avlyn Glow in the Dark fabric at the shop I just had to spring for the panel! It's called "Space Ranger".

Janice kindly serged up the edges for me. I simply tacked it up and Whaaa-laaaa Cadence is sleeping under the stars!

At bedtime tonight she requested one of her favorites... "8 Spinning Planets". I was admiring her adorableness as well as the sweet glow in the dark constellations. This panel kicks ass! I spied the Little Dipper, Gemini, Orion, Scorpio, The Sail and then something I have never seen before..... The Poop?!?! 

Yes thats right "The Poop"! I could not help but notice the shape of this unique star pattern. I was struck by its accuracy... I can see two hips and well a plop LOL... I know Im sorry... you get the idea.  Anyways all Im saying is I can see how this configuration could represent a "bm" (yes my daughter attends daycare and I feel stupid just typing that) 

So by now the wheels in my head are spinning and I'm wondering is there really a "Poop" constellation? One quick google search and the answer.... YES! ....Puppis or "Poop" is defined as "Bright constellation of the southern hemisphere, representing a ship's poop or stern" 

Ship Stern? Ok... So yeah you learn something new everyday! Thank you Space Ranger! 

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