Wednesday, February 2, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Since I work in a quilt shop I get to see all the new tools and gadgets, some are worthwhile, many are not! When I'm working there are two tools I CANNOT live without! And not surprisingly I have punctured myself pretty badly with both of them... but being my all time favorite tools the fact that they have been christened with my blood only makes me love them MORE! Did i forget to mention I am SERIOUSLY clumsy... I mean like walking disaster area clumsy... ironic that I work in a trade full of sharp dangerous objects. LOL ... Anywho here they are!

Easy Kut Spring Action Scissors, or as I call them "my lil nippers". These babies are so rad... tiny and SHARP, perfectly curved and best of all they are RAINBOW!!! The only thing better than a good tool is a CUTE tool! I <3 Titanium Oxide!
Next in line is my good old Clover brand seam ripper! Its the perfect size also nice and sharp, but what makes this baby is the handle! Unlike so many seam rippers out there is actually give you something to hold on too!!! Who the hell designs these teeny tiny seam rippers anyways... sure its fits in my machine but its also giving me freaking carpel tunnel syndrome! Not a fair trade in my book. The little rubber no slip grip is also great, a butterfingers like me can always use a little extra traction =)

Now tools aside there is one new item in the shop that I have fallen in love with and simply cannot go without!!! BATTILIZER!!! Not only is the name AWESOME but the product is pretty damn sweet too!
 It's made by HoopSisters and its batting and stabilizer in one! I love it because its soft, sturdy and rolls out perfectly FLAT no kinks or ripples to be seen. But to be perfectly honest there is something about these big soft rolls that makes me want to hit somebody with it!!! I mean it is called BATTLE-izer after all!  I have tried to talk more than one of my coworkers into a Battilizer joust! But being the only employee under the age of 60 I doubt it will happen anytime soon, though I  never give up hope (MARGIE!)


  1. Hey - Kiki, Liz and Sandy aren't near 60 yet. I think you may have mortally wounded their pride. Good thing y'all are friends!!!
    Margie (the old one)

  2. And a Battleizer duel sounds cool. Can I bring my taser? Woman, watch your back. We are ON!

    And while I'm here: it's so great that you're in the Quilt Festival. We are all SO proud of you!!! Go kick some serious butt....